Welcome to the website of the 13th International Workshop on Dynamic Analysis. Dynamic analysis is widely used in software development to understand various run-time properties of a program. Dynamic analysis includes both offline techniques, which operate on some captured representation of the program’s behavior (e.g., a trace), and run-time techniques, which analyze the behavior on the fly, while the system is executing. Although inherently incomplete, dynamic analyses can be more precise than their static counterparts and show promise in aiding the understanding, development, and maintenance of robust and reliable large scale systems. Moreover, the data they provide enable statistical inferences to be made about program behavior. Dynamic analysis is playing a central role in the understanding of applications and systems as we grapple with emerging challenges such as systemic runtime bloat, high energy consumption, and the explosion of Big Data. The overall goal of WODA is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in all areas of dynamic analysis to discuss new issues, share results and ongoing work, and foster collaborations.

This workshop is a forum for researchers and practitioners interested in the intersection of compilers, programming languages, architecture, software engineering, systems, high-performance computing, performance engineering, machine learning, and data mining for addressing software and system performance. The workshop focuses on developing and studying analytic technologies (e.g., program analysis, statistical analysis, machine learning, data mining, visualization) applied on various software or system artifacts (e.g., production systems, tests, program traces, system logs) to address issues in software and system reliability, dependability, performance, and scalability.

For details, please check out the workshop website at http://woda15.ics.uci.edu.