CloudIntelligence 2021
Sat 29 May 2021
co-located with ICSE 2021
Igal Figlin

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Name:Igal Figlin

Igal Figlinis focused on creating the best Cloud Compute platform in the industry. He is managing Fundamentals team of Azure Compute – highavailability, reliability, manageability, performance, scalability, security and supportability of the Cloud Infrastructure as well as IaaS and PaaS compute experiences on top of it. His team is focused on driving cross-team initiatives across Microsoft, encompassing the customer app and infrastructure highavailability and reliability, customer app lifecycle and performance, and platform scale and reliability. His team goal is to drive the creation and the optimization of the right customer experiences in a competitive world-class services platform. To implement this goal, he and his team apply data science and ML techniques to create self-managed and self-operated distributed platform which optimizes itself for the defined customer experiences and scenarios, heavily focused on generating insights, predict customer and platform behaviors, perform failure recovery and blast radius reduction, optimize cost and performance, and improve overall customer satisfaction. he is interested in partnering across industry and academy to advance solutions and methodologies pertaining to application of ML techniques in large scale distributed systems to optimize all the Fundamentals aspects of the Cloud, beyond what is feasible with manual operations – creating a Cloud that operates itself in a way it’s users want it to. Previously, he has held various roles in Azure and Security divisions in Microsoft, focusing on Azure Fabric Controller distributed resource management, datacenter management, and enterprise-grade distributed security challenges. Beforehand, he worked on architecture and development of networking devices, drivers and network management solutions.

Affiliation:Microsoft Azure


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