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Sophia Drossopoulou

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Name:Sophia Drossopoulou

I am a Professor of Programming Languages in the Department of Computing, Imperial College, London, UK.

Affiliation:Imperial College London
Research interests:Object-oriented programming, Programming Languages, Semantics


FTfJP 2018 Safely Abstracting Memory Layouts
Towards specifications of robustness -- the things that programs do *not* do
ICOOOLPS 2018 Extending SHAPES for SIMD Architectures - An approach to native support for Struct of Arrays in languages
ECOOP 2018 Committee Member in Program Committee within the ECOOP Research Papers-track
ECOOP and ISSTA 2018 SHAPES: Adding memory layouts and SIMD capabilities to high-level languages
Mentor in Mentors within the Summer School-track
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