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Mon 13 - Wed 15 June 2022 Göteborg, Sweden

3rd Blockchain Software Engineering Workshop with EASE 2022

Blockchain technologies are rapidly evolving and have been applied to diverse domains such as finance, supply chains and logistics, industry 4.0, energy, smart cities, and health care. Many governments have listed blockchain technology as a key enabler of their future economy, together with AI and machine learning, and are actively promoting blockchain adoption through various grants and pilots. Consequently, we ...

Mon 21 - Thu 24 June 2021

Second Blockchain Software Engineering Workshop with EASE 2021

Along with the development of blockchain technologies, more and more critical software applications, such as FinTech applications and supply chain technologies, apply blockchain technologies or integrate blockchain-based components. To assure reliability, security, privacy, maintainability, etc. of blockchain-based applications, existing software engineering theories and approaches need to be evaluated, customize ...