TestEd 2023
Sun 16 - Thu 20 April 2023 Dublin, Ireland
co-located with ICST 2023
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Sun 16 - Thu 20 April 2023 Dublin, Ireland

TestEd 2023 with ICST 2023

The Software Testing Education workshop (TestEd) will aim to identify and promote best practices in software testing education, including curriculum design, inclusivity, engagement, and industrial relevance. TestEd will feature different types of sessions and invite submissions at all educational levels. Workshop Website https://testedworkshop.github.io/2023

Wed 28 Oct 2020 Porto, Portugal

TestEd 2020 with ICST 2020

TestEd 2020 is the first workshop entirely focused on education in software testing – how to teach and learn software testing and how to get more software testing into the classrooms. TestEd will bring together researchers and practitioners who teach software testing to share and discuss their experience and best advice on how to bring more and better software testing education into courses. All information abou ...