CHASE 2022
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Wed 18 May 2022 13:35 - 13:50 at CHASE room - Session 3: Open Source development Chair(s): Irum Rauf

User forums of Open Source Software (OSS) enable end-users to collaboratively discuss problems concerning the OSS applications. Despite decades of research on OSS, we know very little about how end-users engage with OSS communities on these forums, in particular, the challenges that hinder their continuous and meaningful participation in the OSS community. Many previous works are developer-centric and overlook the importance of end-user forums. As a result, end-users’ expectations are seldom reflected in OSS development. To better understand user behaviors in OSS user forums, we carried out an empirical study analyzing about 1.3 million posts from user forums of four popular OSS applications: Zotero, Audacity, VLC, and RStudio. Through analyzing the contribution patterns of three common user types (end-users, developers, and organizers), we observed that end-users not only initiated most of the threads (above 96% of threads in three projects, 86% in the other), but also acted as the significant contributors for responding to other users’ posts, even though they tended to lack confidence in their activities as indicated by psycho-linguistic analyses. Moreover, we found end-users more open, reflecting a more positive emotion in communication than organizers and developers in the forums. Our work contributes new knowledge about end-users’ activities and behaviors in OSS user forums that the vital OSS stakeholders can leverage to improve end-user engagement in the OSS development process.

Wed 18 May

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13:30 - 14:30
Session 3: Open Source developmentResearch Papers at CHASE room
Chair(s): Irum Rauf The Open University, UK
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Research Papers

Research paper
[Full Paper] Characterizing User Behaviors in Open-Source Software User Forums: An Empirical Study
Research Papers
Jazlyn Hellman McGill University, Jiahao Chen McGill University, Md. Sami Uddin McGill University, Jinghui Cheng Polytechnique Montreal, Jin L.C. Guo McGill University
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Vision and Emerging Results
[Emerging Results] Seeking New Measures for Gender Bias Effects in Open-Source Software
Research Papers
Huilian Sophie Qiu Carnegie Mellon University, USA, Moira Connell The Ellis School
Vision and Emerging Results
[Emerging Results] A Preliminary Study on the Assignment of GitHub Issues to Issue Commenters and the Relationship with Social Smells
Research Papers
Haris Mumtaz University of Auckland, Carlos Paradis University of Hawaii, Fabio Palomba University of Salerno, Damian Andrew Tamburri TU/e, Rick Kazman University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Kelly Blincoe University of Auckland
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Wed 18 May 2022 13:30 - 14:30 at CHASE room - Session 3: Open Source development Chair(s): Irum Rauf
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