Eduard Paul Enoiu

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Name:Eduard Paul Enoiu

I am a researcher and lecturer at Mälardalen University in Västerås, Sweden, primarily affiliated with the Software Testing Laboratory and the Formal Modelling and Analysis groups at the department of Networked and Embedded Systems. A native of Bucharest, I earned an Engineer’s degree from Polytechnic University of Bucharest in 2009 and a PhD from Mälardalen University in 2016.

My research interests span software engineering and empirical research, especially how to test, maintain, evolve and assure high-quality industrial software systems. I teach automated testing and model-based testing at the masters and PhD levels as well as to industrial practitioners. Currently I am doing research on a diverse array of topics in software development, including the role of automatic test generation (where tests are intelligently and algorithmically created) in industrial practice; the use of model checking for engineering better systems; the nature of creating efficient and effective tests; the cognitive aspects of software testing.

Affiliation:Mälardalen University
Research interests:Software Testing, Software Engineering, Embedded Systems, Model Checking, Requirement Engineering, Formal Verification, Product-Line Engineering, Model-Based System Engineering, Cognitive Aspects of Test Design


NEXTA 2023 Programme Committee in Program Committee within the NEXTA2023-track
ECBS 2023 Tool Demo Chair in Organizing Committee
Committee Member in Program Committee (approval pending)
TAP 2023 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
AST 2023 Committee Member in Program Committee within the AST 2023-track
A-MOST 2023 Author in Program Committee within the A-MOST 2023-track
ITEQS 2023 Author of Test Generation and Mutation Analysis of Energy Consumption using UPPAAL SMC and MATS within the ITEQS 2023-track
Chair in Organizing Committee within the ITEQS 2023-track
REFSQ 2023 Author of Requirement or not, that is the question: A case from the railway industry within the Research Papers-track
APSEC 2022 Author of Combining Model-Based Testing and Automated Analysis of Behavioural Models using GraphWalker and UPPAAL within the ERA - Early Research Achievements-track
A-TEST 2022 Author of Automation of the Creation and Execution of System Level Hardware-In-Loop Tests through Model-Based Testing within the A-TEST 2022-track
AST 2022 Author of Evaluating System-Level Test Generation for Industrial Software: A Comparison between Manual, Combinatorial and Model-Based Testing within the AST 2022-track
A-MOST 2022 Programme Committee in Program Committee within the A-MOST 2022-track
ITEQS 2022 Session Chair of ITEQS Opening (part of ITEQS 2022)
Co-chair in Organizing Committee within the ITEQS 2022-track
NEXTA 2022 Programme Committee in Program Committee within the NEXTA2022-track
Author of Choosing a Test Automation Framework for Programmable Logic Controllers in CODESYS Development Environment within the NEXTA2022-track
Requirements Engineering 2021 Author of Security Requirements as Code: Example from VeriDevOps Project within the Workshops-track
CHASE 2021 Author of Towards Human-Like Automated Test Generation: Perspectives from Cognition and Problem Solving within the Research Papers-track
A-MOST 2021 Author of A Model-Based Test Script Generation Framework for Embedded Software within the A-MOST 2021-track
ICST 2021 Author of Industrial-Scale Passive Testing with T-EARS. within the Industry Track-track
ITEQS 2021 Chair of Best paper award and closing within the ITEQS 2021-track
Co-chair in Organizing Committee within the ITEQS 2021-track
Chair of Welcome and Opening Message within the ITEQS 2021-track
NEXTA 2021 Committee Member in Program Committee within the NEXTA2021-track
REFSQ 2021 Author of Is Requirements Similarity a Good Proxy for Software Similarity? An Empirical Investigation in Industry within the Research Papers-track
ITEQS 2020 Author of Keywords-based test categorization for Extra-Functional Properties within the ITEQS 2020-track
Co-chair in Organizing Committee within the ITEQS 2020-track
Session Chair of Session II (part of ITEQS 2020)