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ICSE 2021
Mon 17 May - Sat 5 June 2021
Hilal Taha

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Name:Hilal Taha


I am a self-motivated fresh graduate that is passionate about Computer Science. With a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Communications Engineering, a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, and having hands-on experience in a software company using the MVC software design pattern to create websites.

Personal Projects

I have participated in many projects during my studies and worked on others personally and here are a few of the significant ones:

Lie Detector using machine learning

We built a system that exposes the lying passengers through a questioning procedure, after obtaining a huge amount of data video frames and voice frequencies. We were able to use both to achieve the result of detecting how much a passenger is lying throughout the questioning period by detecting their emotions every three seconds. Using deep learning algorithms then analysing these emotions to determine the liars.

VOCODER: VOice COmputer for Developers’ Requests

Support for programming by voice has the potential to increase the productivity of developers afflicted by repetitive strain injuries. In addition, it can enable individuals with upper-body motor impairments, e.g, due to spinal cord injuries or strokes, to write code. In this project, we explore the development of a system to support programming by voice.

Notte dei Ricercatori

  • A system that will help the general public and all the participants in the Notte dei Ricercatori event to enrich their experience and provide technical assistance to all the attenders
  • The project was developed using microservice architecture
Affiliation:Malardalen University
Research interests:Machine learning, Software testing, Software architecture


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