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ICSE 2021
Mon 17 May - Sat 5 June 2021

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Tim Menzies

Tim Menzies

North Carolina State University, USA

… Full prof, ex-nurse,rocketman,taxi-driver,journalist (it all made sense at the time). …

William Pourmajidi

William Pourmajidi

Ryerson University

… and he has synergized all these learnings in his vision as a Cloud Architect …

Víctor Sánchez Belmar

Víctor Sánchez Belmar

SyncRTC Inc

… Víctor is a developer, lecturer and entrepreneur. He co-founded and manages as CEO mashme.io a company that provides video collaboration applications to universities and companies all over the world with users in 71 countries. His …

Events (105 results)

All Researchers Should Become Entrepreneurs

SER&IP '21 When: Fri 4 Jun 2021 10:50 - 11:05 People: Jordi Cabot, Hugo Bruneliere, Gwendal Daniel, Abel Gómez

… …

Fast and Precise On-the-fly Patch Validation for All

Technical Track When: Thu 27 May 2021 15:45 - 16:05Fri 28 May 2021 03:45 - 04:05 People: Lingchao Chen, Yicheng Ouyang, Lingming Zhang

… validation for state-of-the-art source-code-level APR techniques (in fact, almost all …-code-level APR by over an order of magnitude, enabling all existing APR …

Is this all about handling unanticipated changes or about foreseeing what needs handling?

SEAMS 2021 When: Wed 19 May 2021 16:00 - 16:05 People: Martina Maggio

… …

Meet your peers: Faculty

Social and Networking When: Wed 26 May 2021 15:30 - 16:00Thu 27 May 2021 03:30 - 04:00

… Meet other faculty members from all over the world! …

News (6 results)

The registration for ICSE 2021 is open!

Author: Beatriz Bernárdez

… The registration for ICSE 2021 is open. All information is on the website: ICSE 2021 Registration …

Technical track acceptance sent out

Author: Beatriz Bernárdez

… the acceptance rate after finalizing all conditional decisions.

We are extremely grateful …, comments, made over 3500 edits to improve your reviews – all while also …

Promising results of One Role Policy

Author: Beatriz Bernárdez

… thank all the chairs for their big effort to reach this out. The obtained … in previous years, including people from all continents and a higher percentage of women …

Coming to Madrid

Author: Francy Rodríguez

… of the most important historic centres of all the great European cities …, a wide-ranging offer of accommodation and services, and all the latest state …, together with all the drive of a dynamic and open society –as well as high-spirited …

Attending Information (5 results)

Diversity and Inclusion Plan

… Society and all of its conferences. Equity at its heart is about removing … and Equity.

A goal of the IEEE Computer Society is to foster an environment in which all … committed to team compositions in all sponsored activities, including …


… conference, virtual environments can enable virtual networking with people all … mentoring and minority groups support sessions).

You can find more on all the events …

Code of Conduct

… a welcoming space for all attendees.

A primary goal of ICSE 2021 is to promote … and events.

Expected Behaviour

We expect all ICSE 2021 participants to behave professionally and to help create a safe and welcoming environment for all

Tracks (59 results)

FormaliSE 2021

… . When carefully applied, formal methods can aid all aspects of software creation … during the conference. While all case study subjects are accepted, we ….

Full papers are expected to be roughly 10 pages long including all text …

SCORE 2021

… teams from all over the world participate in a competition for students from … will be based on the quality of all aspects of the software engineering process …-Proposals) description and encompasses all aspects of the engineering process …

EnCyCriS 2021

… /) The call for paper is closed.

The Workshop organizers committee thank all

General (27 results)

SCORE 2021 Homepage

… SCORE 2021 Welcome to the website of the SCORE 2021 conference. We are working hard to fill the website with all related information. Please check back soon! 00c025a2-8dbe-4e9c-bd94-df6bb56c1639 …

EnCyCriS 2021 Homepage

… EnCyCriS 2021 Welcome to the website of the EnCyCriS 2021 conference. We are working hard to fill the website with all related information. Please check back soon! c14b76db-744e-43e0-8227-fdcd72c69b8b …

DeepTest 2021 Homepage

… DeepTest 2021 Welcome to the website of the DeepTest 2021 conference. We are working hard to fill the website with all related information. Please check back soon! 058c9c82-2798-492d-ba15-38734f0a6327 …

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