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Tim Menzies

Tim Menzies

North Carolina State University, USA

… Full prof, ex-nurse,rocketman,taxi-driver,journalist (it all made sense at the time). …

Miryung Kim

Miryung Kim

University of California at Los Angeles, USA

… . She ranked No. 1 among all engineering and science students in KAIST in 2001 …

Danny Dig

Danny Dig

University of Colorado Boulder, USA

… ), and served as a member of 35 program committees for all top conferences in his area …

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All Your App Links Are Belong to Us: Understanding the Threats of Instant Apps Based Attacks

Research Papers When: Fri 13 Nov 2020 08:00 - 08:02 People: Yutian Tang, Yulei Sui, Haoyu Wang, Xiapu Luo, Hao Zhou, Zhou Xu

… % apps are vulnerable to \textit{link hijacking without STS}, and all instant apps … the proposed hijackings for all the evaluated apps, thus raising the bar against …

Calm Energy Accounting for Multithreaded Java Applications

Research Papers When: Tue 10 Nov 2020 17:33 - 17:34 People: Timur Babakol, Anthony Canino, Khaled Mahmoud, Rachit Saxena, Yu David Liu

… an energy footprint, i.e., the relative energy consumption of all programming …, a specific method, Chappie is total: the energy footprint encompasses all … incurring negligible overhead. In addition, all results are produced with a high …

Developing and Evaluating Objective Termination Criteria for Random Testing

Journal First When: Fri 13 Nov 2020 08:05 - 08:06 People: Porfirio Tramontana, Domenico Amalfitano, Nicola Amatucci, Atif Memon, Anna Rita Fasolino

… termination criteria, “All Equivalent” (AEQ) and “All Included in One” (AIO), applicable …

Evolutionary Improvement of Assertion Oracles

Research Papers When: Fri 13 Nov 2020 08:35 - 08:36 People: Valerio Terragni, Gunel Jahangirova, Paolo Tonella, Mauro Pezze

… Assertion oracles are executable boolean expressions placed inside the program that should pass (return true) for all correct executions and fail (return false) for all incorrect executions. Because designing perfect assertion oracles …

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… /publications/policies/simultaneous-submissions). All submissions are subject to the [ACM …-representations).

All submissions must be in English and in PDF format … The ACM styles have changed recently, and all authors should use the official “2017 …

Open Science Guidelines

… . The steering principle is that all research output should be accessible … actively support to adopt open data and open source principles and encourage all … on the willingness (and possibilities) of authors to disclose their data and that all

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… information about your work. This will be available for all attendees to watch …

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Student Volunteers

… to any undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. student from all over the world … of the days of the pre- and/or post-conference program. Not all volunteers …

Research Papers

… on all topics related to software engineering. For a list of topics, please see …/simultaneous-submissions).

How to Submit

At the time of submission all … not exceed 10 pages for all text and figures plus 2 pages for references. All

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Submission Guidelines

At the time of submission, all papers must conform … for all text, figures, and tables. An additional one page can be used for references …). * All accepted demonstration papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library …

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… research results and trends as well as their practical application in all areas …


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