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MOBILESoft 2020
Mon 13 - Wed 15 July 2020
co-located with ICSE 2020

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Tim Menzies

Tim Menzies

North Carolina State University

… Full prof, ex-nurse,rocketman,taxi-driver,journalist (it all made sense at the time). …

Jordi Cabot

Jordi Cabot


… the rigorous use of software models and engineering principles in all software …

Ivan Pashchenko

Ivan Pashchenko

University of Trento

… and deployed it to all the gas stations of the company; developed and applied …

Events (7 results)

Improving App Quality Despite Flawed Mobile Analytics

Student Research Competition When: Mon 13 Jul 2020 16:35 - 16:40 People: Julian Harty

… Android ecosystem provides all the developers with analytics about various qualities …

On the Elicitation of Privacy and Ethics Preferences of Mobile Users

Visions When: Wed 15 Jul 2020 13:45 - 13:55 People: Patrizio Migliarini, Gian Luca Scoccia, Marco Autili, Paola Inverardi

… as the access to restricted resources). All these preferences define the user …

Mining Lifetime Properties of Android Projects

Tool Demos and Mobile Apps When: Tue 14 Jul 2020 00:00 - 00:10 People: Demetrio Guilardi, Bianca Minetto Napoleão, Jalves Nicacio, Fabio Petrillo

… changed, how many times they were changed, as well as all their values along time …

Representing String Computations as Graphs

Technical Papers When: Wed 15 Jul 2020 13:30 - 13:45 People: Justin Del Vecchio, Lukasz Ziarek, Steve Ko

… static analysis contains all of this information in the form of a graph which we …

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… engineering process for building mobile systems? Do these techniques address all

Student Research Competition

… a two-page abstract (including all text, references and figures) using the ACM … (https://www.acm.org/publications/proceedings-template). All … allowing referees to refer to specific lines in their comments. All submissions must …

Tool Demos and Mobile Apps

… be submitted in the form of up to a four (4)-page short paper (including all references … 2020.

All submissions must conform to the ACM ... lines in their comments.

All submissions must ...

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MOBILESoft 2020 Homepage

… , people’s lives all over the world have been shaped and empowered …